NGO Foundation «Defense of nation»


Realizing the extent of the damage caused to various social and economic health problems of Russia, scientists, scientific communicators, journalists, decision-makers, representatives of public and non-profit organizations and the general public that contribute to the preservation of the health of the population of the Russian Federation decided to join the scientific The lobbying, the subject of which is the Foundation for the Reduction of Mortality «Protection of the Nation.»

The goal of the Foundation is to unite the efforts of young people, society, scientific and public organizations, public figures, representatives of the media, as well as decision-makers, in order to combat premature mortality and other social problems caused by various causes of mortality.


— an anti-tobacco law was adopted (work was carried out from 2008 to adoption in 2013)

— passed a law against spices (primary work with FSKN — 2011-2012).

— a series of norms on alcohol control (2007 — 2013)

Our principles:

1) not cooperate with the alcohol and tobacco industries;

2) share information with each other and coordinate their actions;

3) seek to reduce the harm to society by: disseminating scientifically reliable information to the public, the scientific community, the media and decision-makers about the actions of the industries that are the source of increased mortality, and their lobbyists, the health risks associated with products or services , which are the source of increased mortality, the problems of high mortality in Russia and the measures that can effectively solve these problems.


The Foundation is ready to advise non-profit non-governmental organizations for the development of the following areas:

— Institutionalization and creation of movements in the direction of advocacy, civil lobbying, civil GR, political participation, civil evidence-based policy and civil resistance;

— Reduction in mortality from various causes;

— Protection of children;

— Protection against domestic violence;

— Restriction of homeopathy and not proven the effectiveness of drugs;

— Development of GMOs and genetic engineering;

— Overcoming aging;

— Reform of education;

— Health care reform.

Head of Foundation:

Sergey Sushinskiy (born October 22, 1985, Moscow) is a Russian public figure, author of articles and interviews on the policy in the sphere of alcohol and tobacco restriction. Founder and President of the Foundation for Assistance to a reduction in mortality «Defense of nation», the head of the department of GR and legal protection, the initiator of the Russian humanistic movement, one of the founders of the Russian Coalition for Alcohol Control and its co-chairman; co-chairman of the Russian Anti-Tobacco Coalition. Member of the Coordinating Council on Tobacco Control under the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Member of the Expert Council of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia for the development of competition in the field of education and science.

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